Providing Midwifery Care to families in the Dallas Fort Worth area is my joy.  Services include pregnancy and nutritional counseling, prenatal (antenatal), and postnatal care of mothers and their newborn infants, as well as labor support and delivery in both home and midwifery birthing center settings.

I have attended over 900 births as midwife; as well as the numerous other births I have attended as montrice, childbirth coach, doula,  and assistant to medical personnel.  With these experiences I have witnessed, attended, and assisted with; underwater births, VBAC, twins, vaginal breech, c-sections, and deliveries using both vacuum extraction and forceps. I have experience in the care of first time moms, moms who have had numerous prior births, moms with advanced maternal age, water births, twins, breech, and vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC).  Experiences such as these help me to provide safe maternity care to a wide variety of laboring women in the DFW area.

In order to best provide quality maternity care to all of my clients I enjoy attending lectures, conferences, seminars, and workshops to stay abreast of current topics related to childbirth.  I also belong to the North Texas Midwives Association (NTM), a local support and educational group.  With training in water birth, relaxation, and aroma therapy for pregnancy and labor I am able to help ease the discomforts of labor and provide emotional support for moms.