I am an American citizen although my accent is a little British as well as American.  In 1974, I moved to England and married a British "subject".

As a child, I had a fascination for pregnancy and childbirth but knew I never wanted to be a doctor.  I loved chemistry and biology in school but could think of no profession I wanted where these could be used.  Then in my first year in Britain I met a midwife and realized that midwifery was the only career for me.  The training came many years later.

I had my 3 children in hospital (that hospital was more like a birthing center than a hospital here) and was cared for by midwives.  The midwife who was in charge of my care with my first labor was so cold and unfriendly that I was determined to be a better sort of midwife.  My philosophy regarding midwifery is one of care, friendship, understanding, honesty, education and co-operation.  I feel that a close rapport with my clients can help bring about a good outcome for both sides.

In 1991 I commenced training as a midwife and began practicing in Ipswich Hospital immediately on completion of my training.  During my training and employment I was present at hundreds of births,  However, I personally took care of over 120 normal labors and deliveries and assisted at many more.  Daily I cared for pre-natal and post-natal mothers and took care of 1-2 laboring women.  I was often required to teach medical students and some qualified doctors to perform normal deliveries.  I taught all midwifery skills to student midwives.  In my final year there I was required to be Midwife-In-Charge with all the responsibilities that called for.

I also worked in Neonatal Intensive Care for six months in order to acquire additional skills and experience.  This enabled me to build on my confidence in the care of the new-born.   I worked with premature and sick babies with a variety of infections and conditions.  This gave me a much greater understanding of the 'normal baby' and the 'sick baby'.

In March 1997, I moved back to Texas with my British family to be near my American family who I have been away from for 23 years.  I contacted one of Texas' busiest midwives on arrival and she allowed me to follow her practice in order to 'learn the ropes' in a private midwifery practice in Texas.  She was good enough to allow me to practice with her in order to gain the home birth experience I needed to become licensed in the sate of Texas.

Since observing and participating in midwifery care here in Texas, I have witnessed that the out-of-hospital environment is by far superior for the course of a normal pregnancy and labor.  In fact, for the family unit as a whole, out-of-hospital birth is far superior.  Having been on 'both sides of the fence', I am now totally committed to the out-of-hospital, midwifery led care for normal pregnancies, deliveries, and the postpartum period.