Fees and Financial Policy


Midwifery is a demanding commitment that requires a midwife be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We incur many expenses and make many sacrifices in order to provide this service. 

Therefore, I must be paid.

I do accept insurance, but due to new financial policies among many insurance companies, most of these companies have been extremely slow in their reimbursement and others very poor in honoring their commitment to reimburse. Because of this situation, we require that you pay 50% of the basic fee ($2300) or your deductible if that is greater than half our basic fee before 37 weeks. When your insurance company pays us you will be reimbursed accordingly. If your insurance company does not pay in full within 12 weeks of the birth you will be required to pay the full fee of $4600 plus any other expenses incurred during your care.

Our basic full fee is $4600. However, to encourage prepayment, we will discount our basic fee to $3800.00 if paid in full (less $400.00 paid at the birth) by 37 weeks of your pregnancy. The $3800.00 (less initial deposit – see deposit guide below) is paid in equal monthly installments up to the 37th week. You will still be responsible for non-standard lab work, RhoGam, sonograms, physician consult referrals, dietary supplements, etc. If payment is not received before the end of the 37th week, then you will be required to meet the full fee payment. In very special circumstances, we will allow late payment up to the time the birth. If these payments are not received by the day of the birth, you will loose the prepaid discount and the amount owing will revert to the full fee of $4600 plus other expenses incurred during your care with 60 days to pay. After that late fees will be charged at 5% per month.

There is a call out fee (some midwives refer to this as an assistance fee) of $400.00 due at the birth. This is part of your fee but just saved to be paid as the midwife is called out to your birth. This fee is due on arrival. In the event that Bonnie has to call another midwife for assistance, then this fee will be paid to them. Cash is preferred for this reason.

If you decide to give birth at one of the local birthing centers, there will be a facility fee of $1000 - $1,500. If you carry insurance, most birthing center will bill them directly. If you don’t carry insurance, you will be responsible for providing the facility fee in cash at the time of the birth.

Bonnie's fee includes all routine prenatal care, standard lab work, home prenatal appointments, normal intrapartum care, labor transport if necessary, and 12 weeks care for you and your baby, with a pap smear offered at the 6 wk. appointment. It is Bonnie’s practice and intent (barring unforeseen circumstances) that there will be at least 2 qualified attendants, 1 of whom is a midwife, present at your birth to ensure comfort and safety of both mother and baby.

Formal medical consultation and referral can usually be arranged, but you will make your financial arrangements with that provider. We will do our utmost to refer you to a physician that is agreeable to your proposed home/birthing center birth plan, but ultimately, you are responsible for obtaining services of any additional medical caregiver.

We require an initial deposit when you contract Bonnie as your maternity care provider and before she can begin your care. The amount of this deposit will vary according to when you take on midwifery care. If your care begins:

In your 1st trimester (up to 12 weeks) $500

In your 2nd trimester (up to 27 weeks) $650

In your 3rd trimester (28 weeks or beyond) $850

This deposit is not refundable.

The remainder of your bill will be paid in installments with the balance paid by 36 weeks of pregnancy. There will be a fee of $25.00 for any returned checks. If more than 2 checks are returned then all other payments must be made in cash or by money order or paypal

Payment of these fees does not guarantee an out of hospital birth.

If you transfer to another care provider prior to 36 weeks we will refund any money paid in advance after the deduction of: the deposit relating to the trimester you are currently in, $250.00 for the initial booking and history, $270 for initial labs $130.00 per prenatal consultation attended, $25 for “no show” appointments, $25 for telephone consultation outside of normal working hours, $10 for telephone consultation during office hours, and any further expenses incurred during you care. This will be itemized in a statement. If transfer occurs after 36 weeks, no refund can be given. Post partum care can still be provided regardless of method or place of birth.

Should any disagreement or misunderstanding arise regarding financial matters or services rendered, we all agree to resolve the issue person to person. If mutual agreement cannot be reached, all parties agree to attempt mediation to resolve the issue prior to instigating any other action (including legal recourse). Since Dispute Resolution Services (817-626-6479), is the county agency providing public funded mediation services for Tarrant County, all parties agree to utilize Dispute Resolution Services to provide mediators and facilities for any mediation that may become necessary.