Cathy H

Cathy H.

I had a VBAC2 with Bonnie's gang!!!! This happened LAST Nov. 27, 2006. I know it's been a year now, but that's how long it's taken for me to have some time to do this! I'm a student, mom of 3 and a part-time worker. Besides, we're coming up on my baby being ONE this Nov. 27 and I think it's a fitting time to write this!

My story is that I had had two C-sections with no major complications in 1994 and another one in 2002 for the same ol' thing you always hear - "your baby's too big, nothing's happening, may have to induce." So, I had Seann in 1994, weighing in at 9 lb. 3 oz, via C-section. I loved Seann and having him, but something always ached in the back of my mind and in my body like - "hey, this wasn't right."

Same thing with Clarissa in 2002. Being a dietetic student, I watched my weight more carefully and didn't gain as much with Clarissa. She was only 8 pounds even. AGAIN my doctor who had very very rude and aggressive bedside manner, practically yelled at me that if I do not "progress soon we'll have to talk about inducing.." Then she went ahead and poked my "sac" without even telling me she just did.

Oh wait, yeah there was ONE complication: I had a small, low-grade "fever" they said, which I didn't even feel - and after my research found could have easily been read from my having and epidural. And, the baby's heart was racing a little bit (also can happen with all the needless interventions). Needless to say, with this doctor coldly barking at me and with all the social anxiety/shyness I always have had, that terrible experience REALLY clamped me up and I ended up with a C-section again.

The third time around I REALLY did my homework, starting with finding Edend Song Maternity. It was almost a second part-time job for me. I was obsessed with knowing the truth. I studied my medical records in great detail to the point of annoying others over it. Even other midwives were leary to take me from hearing me but Bonnie used her instincts and her great knowledge and went ahead and visited me. I could tell she was all eyes and ears when we first met. She examined me, heard my story and told me she "didn't know why we couldn't give it a try," or something to that extent. From the start she helped me have faith in myself.

I was so afraid because so many doctors and even midwives had turned from me but BONNIE NEVER GAVE UP FAITH ON ME. To that I am sooo grateful.

I proceeded to do everything she instructed best I could, AND, I did tons of research on my own, probably 50 hours or more I bet during the whole 9 months! - And Bonnie actually encouraged this! I had been with so many professionals who acted irritated when I tried to educate myself.

I was in basically very good health. Not overweight, all labs looking good for all pregnancies, enjoyed eating right and exercising (well that part, sometimes!). Here's just some of the advice I learned on my own and through Bonnie:

1. Do NOT run to the hospital at the first sign of contractions! Even if it's been a day or 2 of hard contractions and you are restless, and restlessness WILL happen! I talked to my midwives and kept them informed!

I even went to get my haircut and told the man to halt cutting while I was having contractions! These are normal and part of life even though they hurt! And, me and my husband went out to eat through my contractions and I was bracing the table and we had to tell my waitress what was going on because she saw me (but I did try to be discreet).

2. Watch your carbs like Bonnie told me. Eat only complex carbs (fruits, vegetables and grainy breads, never white) and watch your weight. Water and real juice, not soda, etc. etc. Almost no desserts except occasionally.

3. The whole process of labor can take much much longer than what they tell you. Remember that a thousand years ago there was no major time pressure to have a baby!

4. Standing and walking and massage are very very powerful ways to help when in active labor!

I learned tons more detailed info and why/how other births go wrong and how to handle that. Those were the top pieces of advice!

Bonnie had to be out of town for a trip that someone planned and she talked to me about this beforehand and left me with 3 other great midwives - Gail Johnson, Paloma and Ginger Holmes.

They stayed with me all night long and helped me through alongside my husband with constant massaging, helping me to and in/out of an inflated water pool in our bedroom, hot water running through a hose to it from the kitchen, our bathtub, etc. etc. etc.

The hardest part was between 5-7 a.m., the pushing part. I tried to do everything the midwives said - it was grueling. But I cannot even describe the joy when I heard them say "he's coming, we see him, it'll be very soon now!"

He was born at 8:24 a.m., Monday, Nov. 27, 2006. A lovely baby boy whom we've been raising for just about one year now. I love him to death and his entry into the world also helped me feel like quite a victorious woman!!! Now I know what birth is supposed to be like if all goes well (and it usually will if you let it) that so many other women before me, probably billions, have gone through, and I know that how those other 2 C-sections "didn't feel right" was NOT my paranoia or imagination. They were unnecessary.

In a world where people don't question things enough and think on their own, and in a world where people are out for your money and many times just don't really care...

THANK YOU BONNIE AND EDEN SONG MATERNITY for having faith in me, for being smart, wise and intuitive and kind, AND for giving me one of the very top best experiences I've ever had in my life!!!