Midwife means "with woman".  Traditionally midwives have been a knowledgeable birth attendant  present during all or part of labor and assists in the birth of a baby.  Most often this person has been a woman who through age and experience has seen many different births in many different circumstances.  This experience enabled her to spot normal labor progression and potential problems.  Often she would be able to offer the laboring mother suggestions during labor and birth that would aid in an easier and safer delivery.  This woman rarely met the mother for the first time during labor.  Most often the midwife had know her since birth perhaps even attending her own mother in labor.  At the very least the midwife had been in contact with the mother during her pregnancy.  In this way the wise woman was available to offer advice on diet and perhaps herbs that would give the mom and babe the best odds of a healthy delivery.  In many places the midwife would also advise the new mother on breastfeeding, baby care, and future family planning.  When circumstances arose outside of the midwives expertise she would then call on the local medical community.

Midwives today are not much different.  They are not the filthy poorly educated women society has been led to view them as.  In Texas midwives are required to become certified according to Texas state law.  This criteria varies depending on the type of midwifery  certification the midwife is seeking.  Licensed midwives in Texas attend a course of midwifery education and sit a national exam, the North American Registry of Midwives or NARM exam in order to verify their knowledge.

Midwives provide Complete Maternity care for healthy moms.