What does a Midwife Do?

Midwives provide complete maternity care for healthy women.

This includes all prenatal (antenatal) care for healthy pregnant women.
Including but not limited to:

risk assessment, nutritional counseling, all lab work including- blood grouping, rhesus factor screening, antibody screening, hematocrit/hemoglobin, and HIV testing, Urinalysis, Blood pressure monitoring, weight gain assessment, fetal well being assessment, 24 hour access to your midwife, education in areas of relaxation, pregnancy, and childbirth. Referrals for chiropractors and sonogram.

Labor and birth (intra-partum) care of mother and baby.
Full Labor assessment including-dialatation, effacement,fetal position, blood pressure monitoring, continuing fetal well-being assessment
Pain management without drugs utilizing relaxation, massage, aroma therapy, water therapy, pressure points, water birth and more.
All equipment for birth is provided including emergency resuscitation and oxygen therapy
Techniques for avoiding episiotomy or tears using warm oil massage and compresses
Full family involvement in birth with all newborn procedures done with parents (PKU and State Required antibiotic)
Trained in emergency procedures and management
Breastfeeding assistance and education
Care of family after the birth.  Including Postnatal visits for mom and baby.  As well as family centered advice for the new family.
Birth record and Certificate Filed, Social Security Number
Post natal visits for up to 6 weeks with an additional complimentary 12 week visit.
Continuing breastfeeding support, newborn well being assessment, and maternal well being assessment
Family planning and dynamics advice