Meet My new Apprentice/Midwifery Student

Midwives are trained through a combination of textbook knowledge and real world application by apprenticeship. 

I enjoy the privilege of being the preceptor to midwifery students in Texas.  In this role I provide both real world education and classroom instruction and clinicals according to the Department of Sate Health Services licensing Standards.

Meet my new Apprentice/Student Sara Galvan

Sara Galvan:

Hello! My name is Sara. I have a passion for physically and emotionally healthy mothers and babies. This passion was fueled by watching the strong women around me as a child and then a young woman. I was confused why some women had positive healthy births and some negative and unhealthy ones; and wanted to learn more, at first for myself. As I began to learn more about normal pregnancy and birth I became passionate about helping other women to gain this seemingly secret knowledge as well. After 4 normal healthy births (not all without trials) I needed an outlet for my soapbox. So at Bonnie's suggestion I became a Child Birth Educator. This led to me pursuing a role as a birth attendant in the capacity of Doula.  I am excited to now be pursuing the role of Midwifery Student and Apprentice.  I am thrilled to support families to have healthy experiences in the entire childbearing year.

With 6 active children (all born at home under Bonnie's care) my days are full and happy. I look forward to helping you to experience a physically and emotionally healthy pregnancy birth so your days can be full and happy as well!