Practice Management


I currently work from my home along with various apprentices who are obtaining their clinical experience from working with me, who also teach childbirth education classes.  Occasionally, we also educate nursing students sent to us from University of Texas in Arlington, and midwifery students from the Association of Texas Midwives and other training organizations. 

My apprentices and I are available to you by cell phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You should be able to contact us at any time.  For your birth, our goal is for us to be available to you during the 3 week period prior to your estimated due date until after your baby?s birth.  If Bonnie has a vacation booked, you will be informed prior to those dates, and backup arranged.

Sometimes Bonnie attends meetings, study days, conferences and seminars.  These are necessary to maintain current legal status and to be up to date with the latest research in order to provide you with the best possible care.  Timing of these is mostly out of our control and attendance often obligatory.  Most of these are local.  If you are in labor at the time of these events, Bonnie will remain with you and a senior apprentice or another contract midwife will be called in.  We will do our best to ensure that you are never without a backup midwife.

We will do our utmost to provide you with our very best personalized care.  However, you must remember that this is a partnership.  We can help you to achieve the pregnancy and birth experience you wish for, but only with your cooperation.  You have taken the responsibility upon yourself to leave the conventional American Dr./ hospital birth for what you feel is the better care of a midwifery led care.  That responsibility continues throughout your pregnancy to keep yourself in the best possible health.  If at any time we feel that you are jeopardizing yourself or your baby against our advice, we may find it necessary to terminate our partnership with you and refund to you any payments owing.

We offer routine prenatal and intrapartum (birth) care, out of hospital birth preparation counseling, post partum care, appropriate referrals to other health care providers when indicated and support and guidance for the best birth experience possible.  We are deeply committed to providing my best care and being available to the families of our clients. Home and birth center birth is a viable alternative to hospital birth for those parents desiring to share fully the responsibility and joy of their birth experience with the birth attendant of their choice.  This aspect of your care will be discussed more fully during your initial and subsequent visits with us.